Philip Millar has been at the forefront of puppetry innovation for over thirty years.


Education and information

Whether discussing the role of puppetry in robotic movement design at MIT or introducing artists to the fundamentals of puppet mechanism design, Philip Millar is a vocal advocate for the artform of puppetry. He is an experienced and entertaining public speaker for puppetry novices and experts alike.


Design and construction

Philip delivers effective design solutions based on professional stage and screen experience. Puppetvision combines the best of traditional making techniques with advanced digital sculpting, 3d printing and animatronics options to offer construction skills to match any challenge.

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Puppetry direction and performance

Philip was puppetry director and puppeteer for all the dinosaur performances for the recent Jurassic World Exhibition seen in Melbourne, the USA, France, Spain and Korea. He was creative lead for Radio City Music Hall’s enormous Lady Liberty puppet and Melbourne Museum’s Qantassaurus animatronic display.

Puppetvision, under Philip’s direction, can provide experienced puppeteers for rod, glove, shadow, marionette, animatronics, suit characters or any combination of manipulation technique you can imagine.